Grey’s Anatomy Doctor Duo Ships

The following piece is an assignment for  Media and Culture class. The assignment was to follow an aspect of popular culture and keep a blog account each week. I chose to write my entries on American television dramas; I focused on that of the ABC medical drama, Grey’s Anatomy.

Grey’s Anatomy Ships”

Aside from all of the ground breaking medical drama that goes on throughout the episodes, a huge part of the show’s success is surrounding the complex interpersonal relationships throughout the show.



24 Reasons We'll Never Get Over Meredith And Derek

Dr. Derek Shepherd and Dr. Meredith Grey.

Why do we love “MerDer”?

Because they were the very first couple on Grey´s.
Because opening of the show like that was just great!
Because we love the way he looks at her.
Because they´ve gone through lots of drama and even when we say how badly we want them to be together all happy and shiny, we enjoy watching drama and even more that make-up moments!
Because meeting her in the bar changed his life.
Because of this line…

Because of all their unforgettable elevator scenes
Because he loves ferryboats
Because he was drowning and she saved him (metaphorically).
Because she was drowning and he saved her (literally).
Because, despite of how strange it could seem for Meredith´s personality, because he was her attending and she didn’t want to go out with him first, because he was married and broke her heart, she was the first to say “I love you”.
Because she admitted that she´s not over him and said “Pick me. Choose me. Love me.
Because he hit Mark with his two million dollar hand when he saw him just talking to her.
Because he´s her “knight in shining whatever”.
Because she built the house of candles on his land.
Because they can be extraordinary together rather than ordinary apart.
Because he understands that Cristina is Meredith´s person.
Because they´ll love each other, even when they hate each other.
Because they promised no more running ever.
Because they promised to take care of each other even old, smelly and senile.
Because they are completely overrated but we really don’t care!

Here’s a link further explaining why “MerDer” will always be the best

The show basically revolved around their perfectly complicated relationship. From the moment that they were introduced in the show, via their one-night-stand before realizing that they worked together, through the birth of their three children, and until Derek’s untimely death, Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd have been everything that viewers look for in iconic relationships, and more.

April and Jackson

Dr. April Kepner and Dr. Jackson Avery.

Fans love April and Jackson because their story is too cute to believe. They were both residents at Mercy West Hospital and came to Seattle Grace Hospital during the merger. From then, they became friends, ended up hooking up the night before their boards exams. Fast forward two seasons, Jackson crashed April’s wedding and they ran away together, which was the greatest thing we’ve ever seen, even though that must’ve actually been a huge scandal! Two seasons later, the couple went through the unthinkable when they found out that they were pregnant, only to later find out that their baby had developed with osteogenesis imperfecta, leading to the death of their baby boy minutes after his birth. After this, April decided to join the military as a field surgeon; she came back and now their relationship just confuses everyone.

At this point, Jackson and April just give fan a headache, are they together or are they not??


Here’s a link of some of my favorite Jackson/April moments!


They can flirt with just one look.

Dr. Arizona Robins and Dr. Callie Torres.

Here’s a Buzzfeed link explaining why “Calzona” was literally the best!

Before she met Arizona, Callie has had her fair share of catastrophic relationships (George O’Malley, Erica Hahn, Mark Sloan, to name a few). From the moment that the two first got together in the bathroom of Joe’s Bar, they had established themselves as the best couple on the show.

But like all great romances, their time came to an end. Callie and Arizona have been through so much in their relationship:

Arizona moving to Africa after she won the Carter Mason grant,

Their disagreements on whether or not to have children,

The fact that Callie had a baby with Mark,

The plane crash that resulted in Callie needing to amputate Arizona’s leg,

The car crash immediately after Arizona proposed to Callie,Long live Calzona

All coming full circle to when they wanted another baby but Callie couldn’t carry children anymore and Arizona wouldn’t.

Although they aren’t together anymore, I still have hope for them as a couple in future season.#CalzonaForever

Here’s a Buzzfeed link explaining why their love had to end.


Denny Duquette

No one could ever forget poor Denny. He was a long time heart patient of Dr. Preston Burke. He and Dr. Izzie Stevens bonded and fell in love while he was a patient, and ended up jeopardizing Dr. Steven’s surgical career entirely when she cut his L-Vad wire in hopes of moving him up on the donor list. He died hours later, leaving Izzie distraught in a prom dress.

If the doctors at Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital hadn’t learned from Denny, Charlotte, Rebecca Pope, and many others that Doctor-Patient relationships NEVER work, I don’t know if they ever will!

These are only a few of my favorite Grey’s Anatomy couples, so click the link below to see more!

Here’s a Buzzfeed link to find out your Grey’s Anatomy couple!

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