Grey’s Anatomy: The Finale

The following piece is an assignment for  Media and Culture class. The assignment was to follow an aspect of popular culture and keep a blog account each week. I chose to write my entries on American television dramas; I focused on that of the ABC medical drama, Grey’s Anatomy.

“You work, you study, you prepare. Months and years leading to one day. The day when you step up. On that day, you have to be ready for everything. But there’s one thing you can never quite prepare for: a day when you step down. Sometimes, it happens in an instant. We step up. We become a leader. We see a path, and we take it. Even when we have no idea where we are going.” -Meredith Grey, Grey’s Anatomy, Season 8 Episode 3: Take the Lead.

So far this semester, I’ve discussed how Grey’s Anatomy has tackled important social issues including feminism, objectification of men, and sexuality. Other than that I’ve talked about favorite characters, favorite couples, and analyzed episodes.

For the past semester, I’ve had the pleasure of analyzing different aspects of Grey’s Anatomy not only for my own entertainment, but for your encouragement to watch this incredible show too! Ten weeks, ten entries, and it’s finally come to an end!


Basically this entire semester has been about me trying to convince you that Grey’s Anatomy is the best show ever!

So just in case you haven’t already started to watch Grey’s Anatomy by reading my blog every week, I assume that you will soon in the future! So I decided to dedicate this last blog entry to tips for watching Grey’s Anatomy.


Grey’s Anatomy is currently running in its twelfth season, and is signed on for season thirteen. So hang in there, don’t give up,  you’re in for the long run!


Time Requirements…

Grey’s Anatomy is a serious investment. Each episode is about an hour long, and it is currently running in its twelfth season. So depending on your dedication, you should be caught up in about four months. Good Luck!


Seasons and Episodes to Skip…

I won’t lie to any of you, there will be times in the next twelve seasons a head of you, that you will want to quit. But you’ve got to push through.

You’ve got to push through Izzie and George’s uncomfortable, short-lived relationship.

You’ve got to push through the love triangle of Derek-Meredith-Addison.

635707177930087090901384123_addison 2

Season 7 Episode 18 “Song Beneath The Song“: this musical episode (As Described in the Blog Entry “Grey’s Anatomy THE MUSICAL) was terrible. It made no sense, and you can absolutely skip it.

Season 10 Episode 14 “You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away”: this episode was basically about how the hospital put on ban on workplace relationships, but it was pointless because steamy workplace relations are what the show was based on! Needless to say, this rule lasted a total of ten minutes.

Nice try though, as if the entire hospital wasn’t going to continue to hook up with each other during their already packed surgical schedules. GOOD ONE

Once you get past all of the heartache and drama that you’re going to go through during season 7 and season 8, seasons 9-11 are going to seem slow, but trust me when I say that nothing will ever prepare you for the end of season 11. So push through!

Seasons and Episodes You Can’t Skip…

Seasons 1 and 2 will give you back stories to all of the doctors. These seasons will show the first few examples of “The Invincible Meredith Grey.”

Season 6 Episode 23 “Sanctuary”-24 “”Death and All His Friends”: These episodes surround a gunman in the hospital, and it will without a doubt have you on the edge of your seat!

Season 7 will be a hit or a miss. You will either love the drama and overwhelming plot lines, or you will end every episode in tears of betrayal for writer Shonda Rhimes.


Seasons 10 and 11: While these seasons are slower than previous, but it is crucial to the development of main characters.

Why Binge?

Grey’s Anatomy has pushed the social envelope on several occassions, talking issues that we face in society today. It sheds light on important social and medical concerns that we have today in an easy to undertsnad manner.

As well as the fact that I have watched 12 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, as well as other medical dramas, I can basically consider myself a doctor, given my vast medical understanding. So basically if you watch Grey’s Anatomy you have a pretty good chance of becoming a world class surgeon and possibly meeting Dr. McDreamy

Whenever anyone asks “is anyone here a doctor?” this is always my response…


Once It’s All Over…

You should check out Private Practice! Private Practice is another Shonda Rhimes spin off show, following the life of Dr. Addison Montgomery after she leaves Seattle.

Good Luck Guys!


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